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LONG TERM: (12/25/2006)

75 DAY CHALLENGE: (05/14/2006)

age: 19
height: 5'5
starting weight & date: 238½ on june 27, 2005.

goal #1: 220 (august 31st - my 19th birthday) - ACCOMPLISHED!
goal #2: 205 (december 31st - new years eve) - ACCOMPLISHED!
goal #3: 190 (february 28th) - ACCOMPLISHED!
goal #4: 168 (april 1st) - ACCOMPLISHED!
goal #5: 159 (april 20th - easter) - ACCOMPLISHED!
goal #6: 138 (june 1st)

so i've been overweight all my life, and i've finally decided that this is the end of that. i'm trying to lose weight for no other reason than to be healthier, and to feel better about myself. i'm eating healthier, drinking WAY more water and try to work out everyday. its a slow and steady battle, but i'm here to win.

i'd love to add friends to this journal; to keep me motivated and support me through my changes. if you have a diet journal as well; add me! i like to keep my friends list limited to strictly dieting related journals/communities. after all, that is the reason for this journal.

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